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Destro Serv Is the Most Advanced Technology for Separating Iron From Slag

The Issue We Address

Our Solution

Destro Serv can crush, screen and separate up to 300 t per hour of slag with iron content. Without breaks and shutdowns.

Destro Serv – a unique combination of 3 state-of-the-art machines working in amazing harmony


the Crusher

A jaw crusher with tremendous power in sensitive palms.

It has a unique patented construction, thanks to which the smooth passage of material with a high content of large non-crushable components is enabled. Even at the minimum gap adjustment, Raptor is resistant to tramp iron, excavator teeth, hammer heads, etc.


the Sorter

A clever magnetic sorter precisely tuned to each fraction.

It sorts 4 fractions separately so that each route is precisely set for optimal efficiency. Thanks to this it achieves a high level of separation of the metal component.


the Separator

A tunable magnetic drum separator with gentle fingers.

Drum magnetic separation applied to the C scrap with the possibility of setting the purity of the output material thanks to varied setting of the speed and distance of the magnet.

The Capacity of the Entire Plant Is Up to 300 T of Slag per Hour

Available all around the Globe


Send us your inquiry today. We will happily discuss the best way of processing your slag.

About Destro

Destro is a family business with 30 years of experience in turning waste into material.

Our headquarters is located in Kladno near Prague, the Czech Republic.

We source waste material from steel mills, ironworks and foundries and recycle it into a valuable material used in the production of metals, building materials and construction.

We also utilise our competencies in the form of waste treatment services in premises of our customers around the world.

We really value a healthy and pleasant environment. We believe that everything we do contributes to this core value.

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